Vegetation Management

Data Collectors

The OptiX Data Collection devices are patented data collection field devices used to collect the most sensitive data and converting it into real time digital reports for compliance and record keeping.

The IVM Difference!

IVM team members are professional herbicide applicators. They use safe and effective chemical treatments and distribution techniques to keep unwanted vegetation away from roads, power lines, and similar structures.

Realtime Dashboard

  • Work orders
  • Deploy crews
  • Track applications
  • Review historical data
  • Most accurate reports known to the ROW industry.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Real time alerts.

“Performance is at its best when SpraySafe provides your vegetation management needs. These guys are professionals: they know what they're doing and they know how to do it. I 10/10 would recommend SpraySafe LLC.”

Carl Rogers
Project Manager

New Methods for the same old problems

Our Services Include:

  • UVM ROW mechanical and chemical
  • Roadside ROW spraying by the Industries most advanced equipment Aerial VM applications
  • Chemical Side Trimming
  • Consulting
  • Data Collection Asset Inventory

Full service roadside spraying keeps vegetation off of roads and right-of-ways.


Our chemicals are environmentally friendly — but not so friendly on invasive vegetation.


We can remove vegetation of any size and with any priority — spraying or cutting!


We'll come back before the growth has a chance to creep back.


Roadside Spraying

With SpraySafe’s Flowmeter data management tool, track your chemical output and adjust your spray tactics to effectively manage both vegetation and your resources.


Area Spraying

IVM management solutions gives you control over any area you spray. With the right tools in hand, you can effectively manage the vegetation by driveways, sides of roadways, bridges, and more!


Mechanical Processes

All of our equipment and custom trucks are equipped with precise flow controllers and automated processes that reduce mechanical control and mishaps.

IVM solutions

IVM Solutions chemically treats areas of  vegetation around power lines, curbsides, and other roadside areas. The products we use are not harmful to pets, grass, and other livestock and generally can be purchased at your local farm store. IVM does not apply restricted use herbicides.

IVM takes safety very seriously. All applicators are equipment and use proper personal protective equipment at all times. All products being used are less toxic than most common household cleaners.

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