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Vegetation Management

Safety First!

Safety is our top priority in providing Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) solutions for right-of-way utility spraying. We understand the importance of maintaining a safe environment for both our team and the communities we serve. Our comprehensive safety measures are designed to mitigate risks and ensure responsible operations.

Safeguarding the Ecosystem:

Nurturing Nature for Future Generations

Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) represents a sustainable approach to vegetation control, emphasizing a strategic blend of ecological, chemical, and mechanical methods to manage vegetation in diverse environments. Our IVM solutions are designed to promote long-term vegetation & ecosystem health while meeting the specific needs of each landscape.

Our Commitment to YOU!

We believe that our clients’ objectives can be met while also being able to provide a well rounded balance between economic returns, wildlife, recreation, and protecting and enhancing environmental quality. All our services provided are in full compliance with federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations.

Revolutionize Vegetation Management with Technology

We offer cutting-edge solutions to transform the way you approach vegetation management—we bring accuracy, efficiency, and safety to our operations.

Utility Right of Way Herbicide Applications

We are your trusted partner in delivering efficient and precise herbicide applications for Utility Right of Way maintenance. With a strong foundation built on 12 years of experience, we specialize in providing comprehensive vegetation management solutions across the Southeast. Our commitment to excellence, combined with cutting-edge technology, ensures the effective control of vegetation along approximately 12,500 miles of utility lines each year.

Utility Right of Way Expertise

Drawing on over a decade of experience, we are experts in providing herbicide applications tailored specifically for Utility Right of Way. Our seasoned team understands the unique challenges associated with utility corridors, delivering targeted solutions for optimal results.

Technology in Right of Way Applications

We leverage the advanced BPX device from Optix Technologies to track the precise locations and quantities of herbicide application. This state-of-the-art technology enhances our operational efficiency, providing accurate data for transparent reporting and accountability.

Proven results

Over the years, we have demonstrated consistent and reliable results in controlling vegetation along utility corridors. Our track record speaks to our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Roadside Herbicide Applications

We deliver comprehensive roadside vegetation management solutions for Department of Transportation (DOT) and County agencies. With a focus on turf and brush applications, we utilize cutting-edge technology and a commitment to environmental stewardship to ensure the effective control of vegetation along over 30,000 miles of roadways annually.

DOT and County Expertise

We specialize in providing tailored herbicide application services to DOTs and Counties. Our team understands the unique challenges and regulations associated with public roadways, ensuring compliance and safety in every project.

Turf and Brush Applications

From maintaining pristine turfs to controlling stubborn brush, our herbicide applications are customized to address the specific needs of each roadside area. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle a variety of vegetation types, promoting safety and aesthetics.

Technology in our Roadside trucks

Embracing state-of-the-art technology, our fleet is equipped with Optix Devices, enabling real-time tracking of herbicide application. This ensures precision in mapping where the herbicide has been applied and provides accurate data on the quantity used, enhancing transparency and accountability.

roadside sprayers on spray truck

Industrial Weed Control

Leveraging advanced technology and years of expertise, we specialize in delivering precise vegetation management across a range of industrial settings. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of multiple applications: Drainages, Substations, other Aquatic Applications, & airports all of which are seamlessly executed using state-of-the-art technology including drones.


Our expert team is equipped to manage and control weed growth in drainages. We understand the critical importance of clear and unobstructed drainages. Using targeted herbicide applications, we ensure the efficient and lasting control of weeds in these vital areas.


Vegetation control around substations is essential for maintaining the reliability and safety of industrial power infrastructure. We specialize in providing precise herbicide applications to control weeds in and around substations, reducing fire risk and safeguarding equipment integrity.

aquatic drone applications

Embrace the future of industrial weed control with our drone-based aquatic applications. Our drone technology allows for precise and efficient herbicide application in aquatic environments. Whether it’s industrial ponds, water reservoirs, or other aquatic settings, we ensure targeted control of aquatic weeds without compromising water quality.

Utility Right of Way Mechanical Applications

At IVM Solutions, we specialize in comprehensive right-of-way (ROW) maintenance services tailored for utility and pipeline industries. Our dedicated teams excel in ensuring the effective management and reclamation of ROW areas. With a commitment to safety as our top priority, we take pride in delivering superior services that not only meet but exceed industry standards.

Right of Way Reclamation

We employ advanced techniques in mulching to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of right-of-way spaces for utility and pipeline projects. Our skilled crews utilize cutting-edge equipment to efficiently manage vegetation, promoting safety and environmental sustainability.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

IVM Solutions understands the importance of maintaining clear and secure pathways for utilities. Our tree trimming and pruning services ensure the removal of potential hazards, promoting the longevity and reliability of infrastructure while preserving the natural surroundings.

Optix for Real Time Tracking

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, IVM Solutions employs Optix devices to track all our crews in real-time. This innovative approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also provides row managers with a comprehensive auditing experience. With Optix Technology, we empower our clients to monitor progress, ensure compliance, and make informed decisions with confidence.

The problems we’re solving

Very little technology has made its way into this segment of the industry. Our technology will resolve many problems through:

Simple, efficient, and accurate liquid and application tracking allows us to see near real time data on GPS location of herbicide applied and the amount of product that went out.

Reduces waste and increases accountability. Due to very little oversight in these remote locations, little is known about just how accurately the agrochemicals are being used. Too little product equals poor control. Too much product equals waste. Our devices quickly become the best training resource within our company for Vegetation Management.

Accurately tracking technicians’ path and location. Many times these applicators find themselves in remote locations. With near real time capabilities, our supervisors can keep track of their workers at all times.