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Equipment Manufacturing


Optimize your roadside maintenance with the power of Custom Roadside Sprayers. Our specialized spray equipment redefines efficiency, allowing road department crews to reallocate valuable time to critical tasks. Tailored to your specific needs, our spray trucks are designed to achieve precision in your herbicide applications with our partner Optix in cutting-edge technology.

The Trucks You Need

Let IVM Solutions maximize your productivity in a cost-efficient solution.

Customize Your Fleet

Skid Mounted

Features Include

  • Black Poly Elliptical or Applicator tanks 200, 535, or 1035 gallon capacity, Surge Buster Baffles and anti-siphon fill
  • Kohler 10 hp engine and Hypro centrifugal pump with remote engine start/stop and pump on/off
  • Boomless 5 section low drift spray head with Teejet flow regulated manifold system and remote in cab spray system controls
  • Two (2) 60 gallon chemical storage tanks
  • Handgun & Hose Reel for spot treat applications
  • Eye Wash Station
  • Forklift Pockets for easy mounting

Chassis Mounted

Features Include

  • Black Poly Elliptical Leg tank with 500-4000 gallon capacity, Surge Blaster Baffles and anti-siphon fill
  • Hydrualic PTO, Gas or Diesel Engine, or Electric Motor ACE centrifugal pump power spray system
  • Boomless 5 section low drift spray head with flow regulated manifold system and remote in cab spray system controls
  • 15-60 gallon chemical storage tanks
  • Handgun & Hose Reel for spot treat applications
  • Eye Wash Station
  • Chemical Spill Kit
  • Real-Time GPS and FLOW Device with OPTIX Technologies

Upgraded Features

*Available only on Chassis Mounted Sprayer

  • Boomless 5 Section Nutating Spray Head
  • GPS Mapping Software
  • *Articulating Boom
  • *PTO Driven Hydraulic Controls
  • Chemical Injection System with OptiX-Console paired with precision field computer and chemical injection system
  • OptiX Autonomous Sprayer Feature(Coming Soon)


A cornerstone of our success lies in our continuous year-round research. Across every region we serve, we conduct comprehensive test plots, evaluating both new and established chemistries on various terrains and vegetation types. This ongoing commitment ensures that when we arrive to apply herbicides in your area, we do so with confidence, backed by a wealth of tested knowledge.

Choose IVM Solutions for a partnership that goes beyond conventional vegetation management. Our dedication to precision, research-backed approaches, and confidence in results sets us apart. Contact us today and discover how we can elevate your vegetation management strategy to new heights.


Roadside Spraying

Our Custom trucks are equipped with all the tools you need to effectively control the output of chemicals for your vegetation management.


Area Spraying

Our roadside vegetation management trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art Optix Technologies devices, providing real-time GPS tracking. This advanced technology allows us to precisely map out areas and generate accurate reports on the distribution of chemicals, ensuring optimal efficiency in operations.



Precise flow controllers and automated processes in our vegetation management vehicles allow for seamless reporting capabilities.

 IVM Solutions Helps Vegetation Management companies maximize their efficiency

Welcome to IVM Solutions, the unrivaled leader in vegetation management services across the Southeast. As one of the largest providers catering to DOT, county and municipal agencies, we pride ourselves on delivering professional and efficient solutions through a diverse fleet of cutting-edge equipment and a team of highly skilled technicians.

Get the solution that’s right for you!

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