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Forestry Services

We Know Forests!

With a combined 35 years experience in the industry, you are guaranteed results with IVM. The goal of our company is to provide full service forestry needs for the landowners. Meeting the goals and objectives is of the utmost importance while also providing in a professional and confidential manner.

Doing Our Job to Keep the Wilderness in the Wild

IVM team members are professional herbicide applicators. They use safe and effective chemical treatments and distribution techniques to keep unwanted vegetation away.

Our Commitment to YOU!

We believe that our clients’ objectives can be met while also being able to provide a well rounded balance between economic returns, wildlife, recreation, and protecting and enhancing environmental quality. All our services provided are in full compliance with federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations.

Revolutionize Forestry with Advanced Technology Solutions

We offer cutting-edge solutions to transform the way you approach forestry—we bring accuracy, efficiency, and profitability to your operations.

forestry drone spraying

Aerial Drone Applications

Elevate your forestry management practices with our cutting-edge drone solutions that leverage high-resolution aerial imagery and herbicide applications. Every customer matters and our versatile approach allows us to take care of everyone no matter the size of their land.

High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

Utilize our drones to capture detailed aerial imagery, enabling in-depth analysis for informed decision-making in forestry management.

Precision Herbicide Applications

Benefit from the precision of our drone herbicide applications, targeting specific areas with accuracy to control invasive species, site prep, & herbaceous weed control.

Environmental Stewardship

Embrace an eco-friendly approach with our drone solutions, reducing the ecological footprint of herbicide applications and fostering sustainable forestry practices for the long-term health of your forest.

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Roadside Forestry Applications

Utilize our roadside operations to open up corridors for your loggers and other personnel. Safety should be top priority when harnessing land management and getting to and from these site. Efficient & effective brush control can provide a targeted solution to manage vegetation along roadsides while reducing mowing costs.

Patented Spray Heads for Precision

Our patented spray heads are designed to deliver herbicides with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring effective brush control while minimizing overspray and environmental impact.

Real-time Data Analytics

With real-time tracking capabilities, our operations provide valuable information on when, where, and how much product was used during applications. This allows us to become more effective in communication with customers knowing what has been completed or coming ahead.

Safety-First Operations

Our commitment to safety is unwavering. All our operations are conducted within the cab of our spray trucks, prioritizing the well-being of our operators and meeting the highest safety standards in the industry.

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forestry roadside spraying
tree planting with dibble bar

Tree Planting

We employ innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to redefine sustainable forestry practices. Our specialized approach utilizes ArborX dibble bars for precision tree planting. These Dibble bars allow us to see how many trees were planted in each acre for optimal auditing and real time analytics.

Precision with ArborX

Verify that your technicians are being efficient and productive from above

Team Success

Our company has grown to 200+ employees to able to take care of the southeast region. We pride ourselves in providing a great team to take care of your planting needs.

Sustainable Reforestation

Join us in our commitment to sustainable forestry practices, contributing to reforestation efforts and promoting ecological balance through responsible tree planting.

Backpack Applications

Our Forestry Division specializes in providing cutting-edge and efficient backpack herbicide solutions for site preparation. Our innovative approach combines advanced Optix BPX Devices with skilled professionals to deliver precise and effective herbicide application. Whether you need site preparation, hack and squirt, or basal applications, we’ve got you covered.

Optix BPX Devices

Our backpacks are equipped with Optix devices, ensuring optimal precision in herbicide applications. The Optix technology allows us to track the flow of herbicides in real-time, providing accurate data and enhancing the overall efficiency of the application process. This also provides customers a map of the area applied compared to traditional backpacks!

Hack & Squirt Application

For targeted tree and brush control, we employ the hack and squirt method. This precise technique involves making incisions or Hack with machetes in unwanted vegetation and applying herbicides directly to the exposed areas, ensuring maximum effectiveness with minimal impact on non-target plants.

Basal Application

Our basal applications are designed to treat the lower portions of trees and shrubs, offering a controlled and efficient method for vegetation management. This approach is particularly effective in areas where selective control is essential.

vegetation management spraying

The problems we’re solving

Very little technology has made its way into this segment of the industry. Our technology will resolve many problems through:

Simple, efficient, and accurate liquid and granular application tracking reduces waste and increases accountability.

Reduces waste and increases accountability. Due to very little oversight in these remote locations, little is known about just how accurately the agrochemicals are being used. Too little product equals poor control. Too much product equals waste. We use state of the art technology in all of our herbicide and planting applications.

Accurately tracking technicians’ path and location. Many times these applicators find themselves in remote locations. With near real time capabilities, supervisors can keep track of their workers at all times allowing us to become more safe and efficient in our operations.