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The industry leader in chemical and mechanical vegetation management solutions for the problems faced by right of way managers

Forestry Services

Keeping the green where it belongs and sustaining future generations of natural forestry.

Right-of-way spray systems built by applicators for applicators
Patented Data Collection Device and Software 
From the Best

Our Vegetation Management Tech Solutions Set Us Apart

Tech Minded

We want your business to run smoothly – we have the technology to do that.

Industry Savvy

Our years of work in the field give us a leg up on the competition.

DOT Preferred

Work with our DOT partners has given us the connections you need.

Environmentally Conscious

We strive to eradicate overgrowth while preserving its surroundings.

IVM Solutions changes the way you run your business

Experienced Management

Our management team has years of experience in both maintaining spray equipment and in organizing fleets so they are able to run as efficiently as possible.

Customize Your Fleet

Our team with Roadside, Inc. builds custom trucks designed to accomplish the specific tasks you need them to.

Reliable Output

SpraySafe’s revolutionary systems allow us to provide you with the most accurate data readings – meaning you can better manage your product and how it’s applied.


Unparalleled Quality

Vegetation Management

IVM Solutions is a leader in providing comprehensive vegetation management services for electrical cooperatives in Texas. We have earned a reputation for providing cost-effective solutions tailored to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Our primary focus as a premier vegetation management company is customer service and safety.

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Data Tracking

Measure the distance and amount of spray you and your team are releasing with SafeSpray’s data management tool–FlowMeter. With better flow tracking, SpraySafe makes sure that you get full coverage with the lowest wasted product. With the FlowMeter tool, you can track and receive reports on the amount of chemicals released across a certain distance, information that can help you adjust numbers for increased productivity and maximized resources.

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Truck Customization

The more time road department crews spend mowing the less time they have to complete other important road maintenance tasks. With an herbicide program, we can cover a 400 mile county in about a week’s time using just one spray truck! These trucks travel three to five times as fast as a mower and travel safely in the same direction as traffic, lowering risk of death or injury from traffic.

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