Data Tracking


Measure and Monitor Your Vegetation Management

Measure the distance and amount of spray you and your team are releasing with SafeSpray’s data management tool–FlowMeter.

Real-Time Tracking

App Control


Data Tracking


Map Building

Track Your Data

FlowMeter keeps up with all use of your sprayed chemicals — from the comfort of your truck and the convenience of your phone.

Increase Your Efficiency

SpraySafe's FlowMeter tool allows you to more accurately record usage of your vegetation management product. With real-time data tracking, you can more accurately determine how to effectively deploy chemicals.


Roadside Spraying

With better flow tracking, SpraySafe makes sure that you get full coverage with the lowest wasted product.


Area Spraying

Not only does SpraySafe manage roadsides and right of ways, but they also target bridges, private drives, and other areas.


Mechanical Processes

Precise flow controllers and automated processes allow SpraySafe to reduce mechanical control and user errors.

SpraySafe Controls Roadside Vegetation

SafeSpray’s data management helps businesses improve overall efficiency and use of resources. Using this tool can help you save money and gauge how much chemical spray will be required for certain projects.

With the FlowMeter tool, you can track and receive reports on the amount of chemicals released across a certain distance. With this information, you can adjust your numbers for increased productivity and maximize your resources.

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