Data Collection


Measure and Monitor every ounce of product applied

Next level data collection and reporting.

Real-Time Data Collection

Data collected on every once of product


Map building and custom reporting


Auditable results

Track Your Data

The data collector allows you to see your applicators working in the field

Increase Your Efficiency

SpraySafe's data collector allows you to more accurately record usage of your liquid products. With real-time data tracking, you can more accurately determine how to effectively deploy chemicals.


Inventory Management

Managing your liquid assets through audited data and records. Never miss place an ounce of product.


Accuracy Counts

Our data collectors have the ability to generate points with sub-meter accuracy.


Minimal applicator requirements

The software does all the work for the applicators. No more hand written reports soaked in water or sweat. The applicator basically logs in and logs out.

Next level data collection

SafeSpray’s data collector helps businesses improve overall efficiency and use of resources. Using this tool can help you save money and gauge how much chemical spray will be required for certain projects.

With the Data Collector, you can track and receive reports on the amount of chemicals released across a certain distance. With this information, you can adjust your numbers for increased productivity and maximize your resources.

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